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Hidden Camera Dressing Room Discount

Hidden Camera Dressing Room discounts have made me think twice about changing in public places again, but then I realized I am a guy and nobody wants to spy on me anyways. This site is all about the true voyeur experience and gives the perfect opportunity to be a Peeping Tom and spy on women getting changed without having to worry about being caught.

Robin and Julia are a crazy couple that get off on spying on other people in public change rooms and showers. Julia takes a camera concealed in her bag into any spy worthy place and strategically places it so that you can get the best view of unsuspecting women getting showered and changed. I have no idea whether these scenes are scripted or not, they don’t appear to be so I think we will just go with that.

Some of the favourite spots for these perverts to hide their camera is at the public pool showers and gym dressing rooms. That way you get to see a really nix mix of woman of all shapes, sizes and ages. The clips are all quite short because of how they are shot, but there are currently 640+ of them that can be streamed in the embedded player or downloaded as MP4 files.

So if you have ever wondered if chicks really do have orgies in the gym change rooms, here is the perfect opportunity for you to find out. To help you with your voyeur adventures, we have got them to cut the monthly membership by $10.00 so that you only pay $19.95 for a 30-day all access pass. Sign up for a 12-month subscription instead and we will throw in a 73% discount so that you pay just $8.33 per month.